Radiation as a messenger from the cosmos

Most of the information from the cosmos travels as electromagnetic radiation. Light, however, is perturbed by the medium in which it propagates before reaching ground- or space-based telescopes. Radiative transfer deals with this interaction between light and matter. The most direct signatures of these interactions come from spectroscopy. Radiative transfer thus leaves an impact on spectra and images taken from astronomical objects. Besides the spectra observed remotely, the structure of these objects itself is also directly affected through radiative absorption and emission.

The meeting on radiative signatures from the cosmos

The meeting is devoted to state-of-the-art modern tools used to diagnose the properties of emitting astrophysical objects and to predict their structure. We will thus focus on  the topology, composition, dynamics, distance, morphology of different cosmic objects, from extrasolar planets up to Active Galactic Nuclei, and the information provided by radiation.


1-    Fundamental radiative transfer and modeling techniques

2-    Exoplanet atmospheres

3-    Cool stars & brown dwarfs

4-    Hot stars &  degenerate stars

5-    Binaries

6-    Supernovae

7-    Stellar population synthesis

8-    Accretion disks


Confirmed speakers

Carlos Allende Prieto, Martin Barstow, Shane Davis, Tristan Guillot, Petr Heinzl, John Hillier, Veronika Hubeny, Rolf Peter Kudritzki, Thierry Lanz, Claus Leitherer, Nikku Madhusudhan, K N Nagendra, Ake Nordlund, Benoit Semelin, Steven Shore, Ed Sion

Ivan Hubeny

The meeting is dedicated to Ivan Hubeny, one of the world-leading experts in radiation transfer in astrophysics with a broad expertise covering all the topics of the conference. Through his definitive monograph with Dimitri Mihalas on stellar atmospheres and his open-source radiative transfer computer codes, he has contributed for several decades to educate and to support a large worldwide community of students and scientists.


For any question, please contact loc.radcosmos @ sympa.obspm.fr


Scientific Committee

Katia Cunha

Thierry Lanz (Chair)

Carlos Allende Prieto

Chantal Stehlé

Klaus Werner


Local Organizing Committee

Salvatore Colombo

Xavier Fresquet

Laurent Ibgui

Dominique Lopes

Charlotte Mansour

Nora Roger

Chantal Stehlé (Chair)






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